Posted by: Laura | 5 January, 2011

New Years Knitting Resolutions

Dear Jess and Nicole,

You know how much I love to make lists, right? How I’ll even add things on there that I’ve already done just so I can cross them off?

Well, I’ve made my New Years Resolutions List! And, half of the list is kntting-related. So, here’s the knitting half of my list:

1. Self-Imposed Sock of the Month Knit Along

I know Nicole reads Yarn Harlot’s blog. Jess, do you read it too? Last year she did this genius thing where she set aside twelve skeins of sock yarn, and then twelve sock patterns, and then put each skein with a pattern in a ziploc baggie. And viola! Once a month, she grabbed a bag at random and tried a new pattern with some of her stash. I think this is very worthwhile, because I usually spend quite a bit of time thinking about which patterns go with which yarn, but then once I make my decision, I fail to record it or implement it with ziploc baggies.

So, I’ll be using up the six skeins of Blue Moon Fiber Arts Socks that Rock that I have in my stash. My next post will be about my January sock that I’m working on, its modifications, and of course photos of the socks or socks-in-progress!


2. Attempting Intarsia and Fair Isle

For as long as I’ve been knitting (a bit over five years, remind me to do a post on how Nicole inspired me to start), I’ve still never attempted any colorwork. …Well, I did do some overstitching on a cowl this winter, which I can post, but I don’t think that counts.

I’m not sure what patterns I should try, other than that I think I should do a small project first….like a headband or coffee cup cozy.

3. Handmade Holidays 2011

Jess inspired me this year with her handmade holiday gift policy. I got a lovely humongous skein of DK weight wool. Hand-dyed by the lovely Jess herself. I think it’s about 500 yds of amazing yarn, which means I’ll probably be venturing into Spring Shawl territory this year, as well. (A great way to brush up on my lace techniques, huh? huh?)

Enough about my resolutions, what about you two? Anything knitting related?




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