Posted by: Jess | 10 January, 2011

F the UFOs, and other resolutions

Knitting resolutions are a great way to set goals!  Like with any goal, it’s great to share these with friends so they can keep tabs on you.  So if your resolution is to limit new projects to stash yarn and you show up to knitting night with a big bag of new yarn you just bought, well, there might be some questions.  I hear this works for dieting, too, so I should probably also give that a shot.

So, Ladies, please hold me to my knitting promises:

F the UFOs   
I’ve got a lot of unfinished objects (UFOs) sitting in bags around my apartment, just waiting for a little more love.  They haven’t been abandoned, per se, but usually put aside because I’ve either hit a part of the pattern that requires more attention that I can give it, because something else has caught my eye, because I’m bored with it or because it requires a mate (socks, ahem).  The primary culprits:

  • The Chesapeake Lace and Bobble Cardi from Classic Elite is only missing the two front lace panels, which require that I pay attention to a double-sided lace repeat – a tough one for a TV knitter.
  • Socks, socks, socks!  I have at least 3 socks with one made.  It’s time to get over second sock syndrome. 
  • The Cerus Scarf, a basic linen stitch scarf with Rowan Tapestry has been haunting me.  It’s not an enjoyable knit, as it hurts my hands.  Bigger needles might have made it better.  It is, however, fabulous looking, so I won’t give up.
  • A silk kerchief made from two greens of Ultra Fine Alpaca.  I’ve been working on this during my periodic commute, but it takes forever!  The odd thing with this pattern was that the owner took it off of Ravelry.  Thank god Nicole still had a copy!

I want to take stab at felting.  This involves actually completing the wool clogs I started eons ago, but also experimenting with some new shapes.  I’d like to do some nesting bowls, for which I found a good pattern.  And maybe mimic some of the swank bowls on Etsy.

Use the STASH
I know I’ve said this one before, but I mean it this time, I swear.  No hard and fast rule here, just a general urging to use the stash first.  I need to be frugal and also have some great yarn in the stash that should be used!  I’ve already completed my merino throw with all that Twinkle Soft Chunky bought so long ago, and I’ve got two other projects in the works from stash yarn  – Jaywalker Socks (KnitPicks self-striping sock) and Jared Flood’s Autumn Leaves Stole (Rowan Scottish Tweed).  It’s a good start, but there is an embarassing amount to work with.

I’d like to get patterns written up for some of the ideas I have.  Perhaps submit to Knitty or Interweave?  I need to learn about sizing for the sweater pattern, but most of the other patterns are quick/small.  This is probably one of the more ambitious projects as it requires quite a bit of sit-down time without the TV in the background.  I have yet to get  motivated enough.



  1. Sounds like we’re a socky stashy bunch! Should we stage a contest to see who can go the longest without buying new yarn? I’ll put in $10 or $20, you put in $10 or $20, the winner gets the pot?

  2. Just occurred to me that the yarn “diet” means I have no reason to check out the Vogue Knitting marketplace next weekend. It’s like I get to cross it off my “To Do” list ahead of time.

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