Posted by: Laura | 12 January, 2011

Self-Imposed Sock for January!

Dear Jess and Nicole,

Look what I’ll be wearing under my Hunter boots in the blizzard today! So, I cheated by casting on after Christmas, but I did finish them on January 8th.

Look how far up my leg these babies go!

I used the “Brainless” pattern on ravelry. It’s written in about five languages, for any international knitters! I love that it’s toe up, but I have to say it’s not as brainless as Nutkin was. I used one entire skein of Socks That Rock Lightweight, not that the pattern called for it…

Modifications: when I got to the end of the first sock (at least according to the pattern), I didn’t cast off. I then took the other end of the skein and started on the second sock. When I finished that sock, I still had 25 grams of yarn left! I continued in the twisted rib pattern, and after 17 row (7 beyond the 10 in the pattern), I did two more increases. Then I increased two stitches every six rows four more times, until I’d used up half the skein.

For bind off, I used Zimmerman’s sewn bind-off. It’s my new favorite bind off. It’s stretchy without being as bulky as the Surprisingly Stretchy Bind Off, and it uses less yarn, so you get a longer sock (because you can have more rows).

Best part: I’ve already got two of them!



Avon's already plotting to chew on them, I'm sure!


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