Posted by: Laura | 15 January, 2011

De-Stash and Help out a Baby Mama!

Dear Nicole and Jess,

I love using things up. Ask Nicole, who lived with me for three years, I get such a kick out of tossing a completely empty lotion bottle or finishing the last of the jelly in the fridge (I even take out a rubber baking spatula to scrape the sides).

Back in 2010 (so last year, I know) I bought a giant bag of yarn (including a UFO) from someone who was moving out of my building. It included some great and not-so great things, and I shared the wealth with our knitting circle.

So, I’ve got lots of strange bits and bobs of yarn to use up.  This week, I got to rummaging around my stash for something to cast on, and I came across a ball of purple cotton-like yarn.  I liked the color, but there wasn’t much I could do with such a small amount. As luck would have it, Vogue Knitting sent out an email about a new charity that accepts knitted goods called “Caps for Good.”

Wouldn’t you know, they’re looking for tiny baby caps! In my book, that’s a double bonus, as I’ll be using up stash yarn AND I’ll get the satisfaction of finishing a project very quickly, as baby things are small projects. Oh, and of course the good vibes of doing something nice for someone else. (Triple Bonus!) So, I made two tiny hats with the mystery cotton stuff (one is striped because I was running out of purple, so I added stripes with leftover Tara GGH, which is a yarn I adore).

I also had been sitting on three hats for Headhuggers, another charity that loves knitted items. They distribute their hats to people undergoing chemo treatments.

Their website has so many patterns for both knitters and hookers (that’s people who crochet) that are F-R-E-E! And they prefer hats to be made of cotton or acrylic, in case a recipient is allergic to wool or alpaca.

So, now I’ve got five hats, and since I’m publishing that I’ve made all these hats, I’d better go mail them to their respective charities now….

Score one for using up the stash!

De-Stash count:

1 skein sock yarn used up for Brainless socks

1 ball of mystery cotton used up for charity knitting

Let’s see how long I can keep this going before I break down and buy more yarn….






  1. Wow, I can’t help but feel inspired. Or at least in awe! Using stash and doing good! And all this while rocking your crazy hectic life.

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