Posted by: Laura | 7 February, 2011

Yarn Karma

So, I hadn’t been on Ravelry for a while (maybe at least a week), and when I logged on last week, I noticed that I’d gotten a personal message….a week earlier. Sidenote: Can someone tell me how to set my settings so that I get notification when I get a Ravelry message in my inbox?

What do people *do* with this yarn?

In this message, a stranger was asking me if I still had a Chenille Thick and Quick in my stash, and if so, would I be willing to sell it. I messaged back asking about the color, and she replied that she was interested, but that it depended on the price. I told her I’d send her the yarn for free.

Which brings me to Yarn Karma. I have this idea that sometimes, it’s best to send out that yarn you’re never going to use in the hopes that the yarn karma will be repaid in the future. I bought that Thick and Quick early on in my knitting “career”, and  I honestly can’t remember how I thought I would use it. I love that color of peacock, so maybe I thought I would make throw pillows out of it? I vaguely remember trying to make a floor cushion with it using seed stitch, but not liking the gauge I’d done it in. So, to my new Ravelry friend, I am sending this strange chenille that’s been gathering dust in my stash.

At the same time, I’ve had some yarn-y windfalls in the past year that have kept my stash drawers full. For example, I bought a giant bag of yarn from someone who was moving in my building for a mere $20. And I got a nice chunk of Nicole’s stash when she moved cross-country. I also got a whole BAG of mohair in my favorite color (teal) that I will be making into a gauzey wrap sweater this spring, thanks to lovely Liz (who also passed along two skeins of sock yarn she rescued from a neighbor trying to purge).  AND of course, Jess has given me a new skein for Christmas two years in a row—skeins that have pushed me to try my first pair of socks (and soon, my first lacey shawl).

As it turns out, my new Ravelry friend will be using the yarn to teach her students how to knit, so I feel pretty great about sending these balls across the country.

Bon voyage, yarn!

De-Stash count:

1 skein sock yarn used up for Brainless socks

1 ball of mystery cotton used up for charity knitting

4 balls of chenille sent out as yarn karma


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