Posted by: Laura | 9 February, 2011

Anthro Hack-Bygone Brooch Necklace

I think we can all agree that Anthropologie carries some of the cutest, most creative wearables and home furnishings out there. I’m inspired by their window diplays, and I love love love digging through their sale racks for things that I can’t find anywhere else. So, back in December, I was thumbing through the catalog, and I spotted these Bygone Brooch Necklaces.

They’re interesting statement necklaces, and they are one-of-a-kind, created by jewelry artist Nancy Rhett. The price at the time, was $138, plus shipping. Now, they’re marked down to $69.95 (Ladies, never pay full price at anthro.)

I’m fascinated by other bloggers who knock off or “hack” anthro designs. Like feathertysews, who hacked an anthro jacket last month. Or Miss Priss, who loves to hack anthro jewelry and include tutorials…wonder how her baby is coming along, did she deliver yet?

Anyway, inspired by these intrepid crafters, I decided that I would make my own version of the Bygone Brooch Necklace. After all, I have a brooch that I inherited from my Grandma last June and some gorgeous silk ribbon that I “inherited” from Nicole  in November.

I tried knotting the ribbon, tying a bow in the ribbon, and even pinning the brooch through the ribbon. The brooch kept flipping face-down into my cleavage. I was thinking of making a “Bygone Brooch Bracelet” (say that ten times fast), when I looped the ribbon through the brooch twice, tied a bow and viola!

My version of the Bygone Brooch Necklace

I wore it out last Friday, and a new gentleman friend asked, “Is that a medal?”

I responded, “Maybe….if it were a medal what would it be for?”

He smoothly replied, “Being the prettiest girl in here.”

I think Grandma would appreciate that I am using her baubles...



  1. laura, i love this! i bought that ribbon from M&J trimming to wear as a belt with a black dress, but it was a little too silky to stay put. i’m so glad you found such a good purpose for it, and your grandma’s brooch is sparkly and organic and just lovely.

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