Posted by: nicole | 2 March, 2011

The only jogging I’ll really do…

My February socks are still in progress, and 2011 seems to be, thus far, the year of stripes.

Noro stripes, versions 1 and 2

I am still enjoying each color change: the plain stockinette requires very little attention, but each alternation of yarns brings a concrete sense of progress. The progression through the rainbow in the Noro Kureyon is also quite entertaining. For these socks, I am cycling between black Patons Kroy and the leftover Kureyon from last month. If anything, I am finding this pair more enjoyable than the last. I didn’t worry too much about doing a jogless jog on the previous socks, but for these I decided to test out a technique I saw on TechKnitter. The first row of a new color is worked normally, but the first stitch is slipped on the second round. Then, the next color change moves to the left by one stitch, keeping each stripe the same height. The two-row stripes are very intuitive to work in this way – on each round, I have something to do when I get to the stitch marker. If I there are two rows of a color when I reach the stitch marker, I change colors; if there is one row of the color, I remove the stitch marker, slip one stitch, replace the stitch marker, and keep knitting. I think the jogs look pretty good when they are worked this way… there is a hint of a diagonal line where the color change continually moves leftward, so I am being very conscious of the tension of my floats on the second sock. How obvious is the jog while the sock is being worn? It moves from the bottom right to the upper left.



  1. A non-obvious jog! And thank you for bringing attention to a new technique. I kind of just throw my hands up in the air when it comes to jogs in the round, but I will definitely address my jogs with this technique now!

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