Posted by: nicole | 10 March, 2011

Ephemeral or endless?

For March’s self-imposed sock of the month, I am stepping outside the box: my goal this month is to finish my Ephemera Cardigan. I am knitting this cardigan out of sock yarn, and I want to make the leftover yarn into some warm grey socks, so this sweater is practically a sock-in-progress.


Ephemera has been a UFO for quite a while, as the photographic evidence suggests: I no longer own a sage green couch or a burgundy towel, but the pieces of this sweater have survived a cross-country move and are ready for some sleeves, a few seams, my first hems, and a to-be-determined type of trim. Most importantly, though, I think this little cardi is ready for a deadline.



  1. Ooooh….I want to touch that. (As creepy as that sounds). I think this is an excellent use of the sock challenge, and this might be the spring sweater your wardrobe is missing!

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