Posted by: Laura | 15 March, 2011

WEBS Tent Sale 2011-Step 1 Budgeting

I’m so stinkin’ excited that Jess has spotted the dates for the Spring WEBS tent sale. It’s in mid-May, and we are definitely planning a trip up to Northampton, MA to be there when it opens on Saturday morning!

Jess, Lady Poncho, and I made the trip last year, so we’ve got a few helpful hints for visiting the mecca that is’s headquarters.

Step 1, start bugeting now. My plan? Change is a good thing.

I’m anticipating having somewhere between $100-$200 in change by mid-May.

And, I know I can take this change to any TDBank here (with a “Penny Arcade”, check their website for locations with “Penny Arcades”) and trade it in for paper money, even though I’m not a customer of TDBank!

Stay tuned for the next step of preparations: Organizing your shopping list!

For now, add things to you queue that you would love to make for 2011!


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