Posted by: Jess | 21 March, 2011


The road to a completed Girasole has been a bumpy one.  Jared Flood’s beautiful pattern inspired me to embark on my first lace project, and I am beyond thrilled that I did.  Initially, I started this pattern with some beautiful Madelinetosh in Norway Spruce, intending it for my mother for her 60th birthday.  I wanted to make her something special, with an heirloom quality to it, and Girasole fit the bill.  I think this all started back in the summer of 2010, with tons of time to get this completed by a March 1 deadline!  Famous last words. 

A little later I decided to make another Girasole as a blanket, so I ordered some fabulous Cascade Eco Alpaca, only to find that it really wasn’t a worsted weight yarn.  The blanket idea fell through, so I continued the alpaca Girasole, intending to gift it to a friend.  Then other projects came up.  Then Christmas gifts needed to be finished.  Then all of the sudden it was February and I hadn’t gotten very far with the original project!  A mad dash ensued… unfortunately, this backfired – I ended up with the wrong number of stitches (most likely while chatting at knitting night) at a key switch in the pattern – and I needed to rip it WAY back!  With two weeks to go, I just didn’t think I would be able to get through the whole pattern again,

My Girasole WIP in Madelinetosh

 so I switched gears and decided to finish the alpaca one, which was nearly complete.  A few days before the party (did I mention that it was on the 19th, so I was late with even more time than I thought) I joyously finished my Girasole and it is BEAUTIFUL!  Once blocked it flattened and had a wonderful lightness to it.  The alpaca is soft and creamy, and I still have another 3 balls of it for something else.  My Madelinetosh Girasole remains a work in progress, but I think I’ll finish it one of these days…. Just. For. Me.

Overall, I love this pattern.  It’s both simple to read and a pleasure to knit.  The finished product is gorgeous.  I’m excited to see how different it will look in the richly colored and variegated Madelinetosh compared with the coffee ice cream color of the alpaca.  I may take a break from this WIP for a while, as I have some additional gift knitting to do.  I’m planning 4 socks (because 4 pairs would just crazy) for my sister’s 40th birthday, but they seem super speedy after the beast that was Girasole.



  1. That. Is. Gorgeous. And it sounds like it feels as good as it looks! Way to go on deadline knitting!

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