Posted by: Laura | 1 April, 2011

A Day Late…

…but the March Socks are finished!

I swear there's a second one...

Okay, so I have to weave in the four ends, but they’re done!

I used Socks That Rock Lightweight, and the pattern is called Anastasia. I followed the pattern mostly as is…the only modifications I made were that I started the eyelets after the heel turn about 10 rows up, instead of the recommended two rows up.

I would recommend this pattern. It’s a good fit for my foot, not baggy anywhere.

Not gonna lie though, I’m a bit tired of socks. I know I didn’t put much thought and care into these guys (I wasn’t picking up the wraps on the heel turn perfectly so there are no “holes”, etc.), and I was more excited of the idea of starting on the featherweight cardigan, I think..

That being said, I haven’t started the featherweight even to knit a swatch, but I did decide on April’s sock pattern and yarn, and I cast on tonight.

My other theory is that I’ve been distracted, by both work and a new guy in my life…I’ll post something that reminds me of him very soon.


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