Posted by: Laura | 23 April, 2011

I know it’s not knitting but….

I also sewed this zebra-print box bag, for my cousin Olivia back home. I used this tutorial. I hope she likes it. The fabric and zipper were given to me by my Aunt Ruth, who has been sewing Olivia lots of zebra throw pillows and a window seat cushion! The inside fabric (which I of course didn’t take a picture of) was actually a white skirt from J. Crew that I spilled red wine on during a July 4th party at my apartment. I plan on using it for lining for my mom’s Mother’s Day gift, so I’ll try to snap a shot of it then….

Knitters, you will recognize this as a fancy box bag that you see sold for $40 on etsy. I actually won a fancy box bag, and I have to say I love love love it. It’s the perfect size for DPNs, gauge checker, and sock yarn or mitten-based project.

So, if I could modify this box bag pattern for the future (which I will), I would say that when you get to step 4, sew 1/2 the length of the sides, not 1/3. This will make a more square box bag, instead of a tall box bag.

Great gift to make in an evening, if you've got a mind to make something


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