Posted by: Laura | 26 April, 2011

WEBS Tent Sale-Step 2 Planning

Well, we’re less than a month away from the awesomeness that is the WEBS tent sale. Jess and I have been carefully planning logistics (i.e. how to get a car for the day cheaply, and what time we have to leave the city to make the doors opening moment) for our posse of knitters!

But, I thought I’d share some planning things that I’ll be doing before the big weekend.

I’ve already spoken about budgeting with the change, but this is more about making the shopping list. I’m going to rely heavily on Ravelry for this discussion, but I think the ideas behind what I’m saying stand true whether you’re a Raveler or not (but you should be!).

Making a List

It’s important to consider WHAT projects you might like to attempt in the year after the WEBS tent sale. With this in mind, I’ve got my eye on Christmas gifts, fall sweaters, summer shawls…you get the idea.

To start, I’ll be looking through my Ravelry queue (or my pile of books and patterns for you non-ravelers). I’ll be deciding which projects I want to attempt.

For example, in my queue, I have the Crisp Rectangle Tunic Top from Stefanie Japel’s book Fitted Knits. I got the pattern from the book using my local public library (NYPL shout out!). I looked at the pattern and took my measurements.

I realized I want to make the size that requires about 763 yards of yarn. In the book, she used 7 skeins of Cascade Tencel for the size I’m interested in. (I’m not purposely being cagey about the size…I didn’t write it in my notes on my list, just the yardage…Sorry.)

Okay, so now, I’ve got the pattern, the size I want, the suggested yardage, and ONE suggested yarn. I looked on Ravelry to see what other yarns people have used that have given results that I find wearable for me. I also like Classic Elite Premiere for this, and looking at the yards per skein, it will also require 7 skeins.

Okay, so using this method, I compile a list of acceptable yarns AND the number of skeins I’ll need for the project. I also make note of the original measure of 763 yards of yarn. I then cross-reference this list with the yarn brands that WEBS sells (maybe this is overkill, but I want a short list). I eliminate any yarns that WEBS does not carry.

So, as of right now, my list includes

“Rectangle Tunic Top From Fitted Knits-763 yards?

-Cascade Tencel-7skeins

-Classic Elite Premiere-7 skeins”

Then, I go back to my queue to find something else I’d like to knit in the year after the WEBS sale. This list-compiling will help me go through the yarn in the store quickly to determine if something is or is not of use to me this year. It will also help me make sure I’ve got enough of a given yarn to complete a specific project. Keep in mind that most of the yarn that’s discounted at WEBS that weekend will be discontinued colorways. While you’ll probably have luck finding matching dye lots on ebay or at other online retailers (Alpaca Direct was a hit for me last year), it’s best to get everything you need in one trip, am I right?

In the end, I will probably choose between tencel and premiere based on which colors are available, which yarn feels better against my skin, and which yarn has the better price for the whole sweater.
Of course, I know I’ll go off list. (Last year, I referred to one of my skeins as a “trophy”…it felt so soft, even though it was a bit pricier than I would normally have gone for).

And, I’ll definitely be bringing my smartphone, so I can access the ravelry website and look things up as I wait in line to check out. (However, my phone is still slow when it comes to Internet, so having a list will be AMAZING).

And finally, if you’re reading this post the night before the sale, don’t worry so much about the list. I went without a list last year, and I made some very wise purchases (I’ve used all of the yarn I bought, so that has to be a good sign, right?).

I can’t wait to go feel some yarn! Northampton, here we come!


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