Posted by: Jess | 14 November, 2011

Destashing: an epiphany of one’s own

As our purses feel a little lighter, jobs are at risk, and city living is only ever more expensive, I think we’ve all thought about how we could bring in some extra cash. One thought that has occurred to me: destashing.

I’ll just put it out there:  I have a LOT of yarn. Within my knitting circle, I’m definitely the hoarder. Of course, I’ve met some folks in other circles, which has made me feel better about my own stash. That said, I have a lot that could possibly bring in some extra cash. The conundrum is that I don’t want to get rid of any of it. Just about every skein, particularly those in any quantity, has a plan. It’s fated to be something.  It’s beautiful, woolly, and warm.

Since drafting the above,  almost exactly a month ago, I have made the decision to destash.  For $0.20 a listing, Etsy seemed a great place to start.  I have a few things up, and will keep posting (  I’m also in the process of listing my stash Ravelry as “will trade or sell.”  I’ve received a few questions about the couple items I had posted in the past, so I think that’s a good option as secondary advertising.

It’s tough to let it go, but I envision being the kind of knitter, eventually, who buys yarn for a specific project they knit right then, instead of planning for the future.  The realization that there will always be new yarn, always something that is lovely or wonderful or just that perfect kind of tweed.  I think the Yarn Harlot said something like that… but it’s probably not the kind of thing you can be told.  You need your own epiphany.


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