Posted by: Laura | 21 February, 2012

Guilt-ed Yarn

Is it possible for yarn to have bad juju? I mean, I’ve worked with yarn that’s been embedded with sparkly filaments or even cat hair, but icky feelings?

A few years ago, I was dating this man who haled from New Zealand. We met here in NYC, he worked for a big bank, he had lived in the U.S. for a bit over a decade… Anyway, he went home for a few weeks while we were dating. And of course, being a man of means and a good boyfriend, he brought back some gifts for me from his homeland. One of the gifts, was of course, a skein of natural, undyed, New Zealand wool.  (He also brought me back a sweater made of a wool/opossum blend, which has the look of mohair, but that’s another story.)

But back to the yarn. At the time of the gift’s arrival in my life, I felt that the yarn was too precious to use right away. It was a small-ish quantity, so I’d have to find the perfect hat or mitten pattern for it. Of course, after he broke up with me, I thought about dying the yarn. But, I mean, is that what one does with un-adulterated New Zealand wool?

So, to this day, three years later, a skein of wool, tinged with the memory of a failed relationship, sits in my stash.

I’m happy now. Thrilled, even, to say that I’m not with him anymore (the kiwi). I’ve met an amazing man, and we’ve been going strong for about a year now.

But the yarn….I don’t want to throw it away. It’s hard to sell in such a small quantity (I’ve had it posted on Ravelry for some time now, hoping someone would want it). And I *definitely* don’t want to work with it.

While I can’t quite describe the feelings wrapped up in that skein (regret? no. guilt? no. sadness? no.), I know that the feelings aren’t positive. I would maybe say they’re a hair past neutral on the negative side.

So the yarn. It’s got bad vibes. It’s got to go.

And I’m betting that someone will be so happy to find a nice ball of dye-able yarn that my icky feelings will be outweighed. Just like I hope that someone will be so happy to be with that nice thoughtful kiwi who ventures into a yarn store in his hometown to buy his girlfriend a gift.

Is there anyone out there who could use my guilt-ed yarn? Does anyone else have guilt-ed yarn in their stash?



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