Posted by: Jess | 19 March, 2012

Stashbusting Success

So, it turns out that Etsy is totally the place to go for destashing, and Ravelry is a great support venue.  I’ve sold nearly all of the yarn that I’ve listed in less than 4 months!  When I started on my destash journey, I debated about selling my yarn in smaller bundles.  But, in the end, I thought it would be such a hassle, so I listed each yarn type with exactly what I had, be that 3 skeins or 13.  And it worked!  I priced them in such a way that I would be willing to part with my hard won booty, but also make it a bit of a “deal” for someone looking to purchase them.  In some cases a ball band was missing, or one of the skeins was partially unwound/rewound (either due to swatching or missing band), but I was sure to call this out in each listing so buyers were informed.  I sold a few lots on Ravelry, which was great because I don’t have to pay the Etsy fees, but even those were modest in comparison to Ebay.

The process has left me feeling less burdened.  I’ve also only purchased yarn once this year, for a specific project that has been knit, and I’ve knit everything else from my stash…  I feel empowered to stick to my yarn diet.  Or, like real dieting, it’s more that I’ve made a life change, so I can stick to that, instead of just a crash diet.  I’ve managed to succeed in my cut backs related to food, yarn and money!  30 pounds lost, way more than 30 skeins lost, and lots of debt gone!  The destashing, fueled by my own revelation about not needing to buy “that yarn,” because there will always be another around the corner, has been liberating.


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